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Eccesiastes of Calligraphy

In response to the ongoing debate about calligraphy ( is it art or craft; is illegibility okay? what about formal vs. handwriting?),  I wrote the following, part of which I recently calligraphed in my class in California:

Ecclesiastes of Calligraphy


I risk, therefore I fail (sometimes)

I am one of the most fearful, cautious people I know. Or at least I used to be.  It is thus odd to me that the art I do is all about risk: I improvise, trust my intuition, go with



Being content.  It seems the artist’s lot is one of constant anxiety. Haunting questions such as, “do I have anything worth saying?” or “am I good enough” or “will I ever sell anything?”can be a familiar mantra in one’s head.  


I Draw, Therefore I See

Drawing from life, daily practice, just showing up on the page. 

In January, I made a commitment to myself to draw something-anything-every day.  I got a spiral bound sketch pad (Hobby Lobby, cheap!) which I tuck into my purse every
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Doin’ Lines

We write in lines as if to say we can herd our thoughts along a linear flowing path.
My own writing wants to go in circles and make diving leaps here and there, following its own way to who knows
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