About Sharon

SharonOriginally from Trinity County in Northern California, Sharon Zeugin makes art, teaches, and facilitates workshops in her Austin, Texas Studio, and throughout the USA, Canada and Italy. In addition to being a faculty member of numerous international calligraphy conferences, Sharon heads the annual two-week Literally Letters Program at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, and is a faculty member of the Austin Contemporary Art School.  Her award winning work appears in publications such as Letter Arts Review, The Calligrapher’s Engagement Calendar, Somerset Studio Magazine, and the Lark Book,”The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering.” In addition to exhibiting her work, she accepts calligraphy, drawing and painting commissions.

Influenced by her training as a therapist, Sharon seeks to cultivate a safe classroom environment in which respect for body, mind and spirit are as important as skill building, where students are encouraged to experience art making as an experimental, intuitive and mindful practice. Whether teaching courses in traditional or contemporary calligraphy, art journaling, drawing, sketching or painting, Sharon’s goal is to help students get over fear of the blank page.  When she is not teaching, sketching or painting, Sharon is busy dancing with the Austin Samba School, enjoying African Dance class, swimming, walking, playing piano, traveling, hanging out with her husband,  and listening to music.

Artist Statement

Training in Western calligraphy and life-drawing  are the biggest influences on my art which is largely intuitive and improvisational. Dreams, the Ghost Ranch landscape, repetitive lines in nature (including  the human form), gestural lines and marks, medieval manuscripts, handwriting, graffiti, poetry are inspiration for work which run the gamut between large paintings, collages and broadsides to small drawings on paper and art journals. More dream-like than bold, my art whispers and suggests, drawing the viewer in for a closer look. Many pieces are the result of weaving together text (my own poetry, prose) and images in a layered, organic way; where calligraphy and handwriting become expressive, living lines dancing freely about the broadside or canvas. In the quest for personal meaning and authenticity in my calligraphic work, I have developed a variety of personal scripts which include “feminized Roman Capitals” and an undulating line of writing reminiscent of Arabic, consisting of contrasting round, open forms and sharp compressed ones.  These expressive, living lines and forms are better suited for my favorite texts, such as “O and that awful deep down torrent, O and the sea crimson sometimes like fire..” (James Joyce, Ulysses) than the more well-behaved evenly spaced traditional  letterforms.

Several themes for exploration in the past few years include “Womanuscripts: the question of meaning for a 21st century female scribe”, “Excavations,” a response to feelings about my aging Mother set against the backdrop of the Ghost Ranch landscape; and “the Commonly Uncommon Grackle and blackbirds.”  The most recent series is titled,”Solstice Sunrise, Solstice Moonrise over Ghost Ranch.”   All works are available for purchase.


Sketchbooks are a favorite vehicle for art-making because of their personal and authentic nature.  I consider the  pages of art contained within them as complete, rather than studies intended for future, “finished” work.

Curriculum Vitae

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