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The Scarlet C


During the past two weeks I became aware of a dark passenger inside me.  Unlike Dexter’s, this one had tangible form, and was growing, ever so slowly inside my left breast.  More than anyone, I was surprised that my cells …


Living Letters: excerpt from a book in progress


I want to live letters, not learn them. I want to dance and sing them in both strident and harmonious tunes.  What else can we do but write like we mean it;  like it is the most important thing to …


Ode To Mutley

Ode to Mutley

Ode to Mutley

Cats slink through our lives with a seeming casual indifference, offering intermittent attention while training us to cater to their whims.  Like our children, we have hopes for these special critters (maybe instant fame on YouTube, or …


I draw therefore I see-Italy


Drawing and painting  give us an opportunity to participate in our surroundings in a personal and deeply felt way.  When we stop to draw, we begin to see what is before us as if for the first time. The cracks …


Island Adventure MISA style! May 19-23, 2014

Layne Kennedy-LEAP_LCK1208 (2)Madeline Island School of Art

When I was invited to teach in Wisconsin, images that came to mind were rolling hills, dairy farms and plains, not an island!  What a treat to learn of this gem of a place, the  Madeline Island School of Art …