Artist’s Statement

My intention is to make mindful, authentic, full-bodied letters which serve to express the meaning and feeling of the text I choose for my artwork. Less interested in well-behaved writing marching along in straight lines, I prefer letters which cavort and dance along the page or canvas, toppling over and laughing out loud at some inside joke, or weaving mysteriously in and out of an image. A quest for freedom motivates me to submit to a disciplined study and practice of formal calligraphy, the foundation of which supports personal experimentation. I like to combine lettering, drawing and painting in an organic way, one flowing easily into the other--all for the purpose of expressing the myriad thoughts, feelings, personal reflections I have about inner and outer landscapes. My passion for nature and the repetitive lines I see within it--like tree branches and bark, sand dunes, mountain ridges, the curves of my own body--inspires me to create gestural lines and scripts which weave throughout my drawings and paintings. The text I choose is usually a stream-of-conscious blending of words and phrases floating through my head, along with favorite poetry and prose.

Dreams and the unconscious influence my approach to making art which is intuitive and improvisational. What emerges in a piece is often a surprise, the result of following a vague image or idea that develops through the process of one mark, phrase, image or color responding to another on the page or canvas. Rather than declaring myself boldly, I like to whisper, suggest and gently entice, drawing the viewer in for a closer look.

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