Welcome to Sharon's Mandala Gallery ...
Here are some of my experiments with mandalas.

Etymology: A Sanskrit compound word of manda, meaning essence, and the suffix la, meaning container or possessor. Thus, a “container of essence” or “sphere of the essence.” Mandala is also a sanskrit word for circle. The characteristics of a mandala are that it is a circle having a center with directional headings.
(from C.G. Jung: Mandala Symbolism, Princeton University Press, 1973, and “Man and His Symbols.”)

Definitions: Where inner world “self” and outerworld, “universe” come together in your body. The union or harmony of self and universe, of inner and outer world. A perfect sacred sphere. A magical, sacred environment which denotes the order and harmony of an enlightened mind. A mirror of the divine.

Mandala refers to symbols drawn in a circular form. Mandalas in art and architecture are rose windows (such as in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris), Tibetan and native American sand paintings. Mandalas in nature: snowflakes.