Private Instruction

Offered in my studio on an hourly basis. Instruction on calligraphy, drawing, painting, art-journaling and collage. $50 per hour.

Art Coaching: includes troubleshooting, art critiques, skill and confidence building,

Portfolio development. $50 per hour.

Workshops & Classes

My classes emphasize skill-building as well as an integrated approach to learning art. This includes mindfulness, body awareness, self-support.

In addition to teaching workshops across the USA, Canada and Europe, I conduct ongoing classes through my private studio.

My daily fee for workshops is $600, plus travel expenses, room and board.

Please contact me for more information and contract details, class descriptions and supply lists.

Calligraphy Classes & Workshops

2–3 day workshops

Calligraphy on the Go
The Journal is the Destination
The Joy of Calligraphy:Developing your own script
Write Now!
Roman Holiday: fundamentals of Roman Capitals for the fearful and uninitiated
The Many Faces of Italic
Italic and Beyond

Three month series for calligraphy groups

Romans, Foundational and Italic over three months. One weekend per month spent on exploring the fundamentals of these hands, with emphasis on developing good letter forms. The class also focuses on composition as well as  traditional and non-traditional approaches to daily practice.

3-5 day workshops

Vision Quest
Journal of the Spirit
A Book of Ours
What’s My Line
Multi-Media Melange

Drawing Classes & Workshops

Sketch Austin

Ongoing Weekly Group meeting on Mondays, 10-12:30

Sketch Austin is designed for artists of all levels. The only prerequisites: a spirit of adventure, curiosity, and a willingness to learn “on the fly.” In this class we get to know Austin, and begin to see things we typically take for granted. Places we sketch include: Zilker Botanical Gardens, Springdale Farms, the lobby of the “W” Hotel, The Texas State Capitol, University ofTexas, St. Edwards, South 1st Street, The Wizard Academy, Various coffee shops, Each class concludes with lunch, where we share what we have learned and often continue sketching. A couple of times during the six week sessions I offer Open Studio times at my studio where we focus on particular skills such as watercolor techniques, gesture and contour line drawing, composition. Themes for the class range from “Sketch Austin People,” to “Sketch Austin Botanicals.”

The supply list is simple: blank sketch pad, HB pencil, Nijja Water Brush, small watercolor palette, a few colored pencils and a fountain or micron pen. Water bottle, sun hat, portable chair and Viva paper towels are also great to carry along.

Drawing In: A Mindful Approach

Weekend workshop based on Franck’s book, Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing

Learning to draw is about learning to see. We overlook the beauty around us when we are rushing around in our daily scramble to get somewhere else. This class will allow participants to Be Here Now in experiencing drawing as a form of meditation and focus. Drawing mindfully will be the intention, focusing on what is before us, not what is in our heads. Indeed, we will quiet the endless internal chatter by conducting some of the class in silence. Simple class exercises will include extended drawings of small ordinary objects one chooses, like a leaf, a hand, a flower. Paying attention to our breath, posture and movement will allow us to draw in an authentic way.

A simple HB pencil and a drawing pad is all you need for this class.

Drawing and Sketching Fundamentals

workshop or weekly course

Learn the basics of drawing with exercises focusing on line, form, value (light and dark), texture, perspective, composition. Inspired by Frederick Franck’s book, Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing, we will learn to slow down and really look at what we are drawing. Early exercises include pure or blind contour & gestural drawing, and mark-making. Anyone can learn to draw and I am excited about helping you get over your doubts about ability
or talent.

Recommended reading:
Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing by Frederick Franck
The Natural Way to Draw by Nicolaides
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
Creative License: Danny Gregory

Special Venues and Upcoming Workshops

Ghost Ranch, "Literally Letters"

I am the Program Coordinator/Director for the two week Literally Letters program at Ghost Ranch which convenes each June or July. For information about classes offered as well as details about Ghost Ranch, visit

The Contemporary Austin Art School (formerly Laguna Gloria)

I offer calligraphy classes each semester.

La Romita School of Art, Terni, Italy

September 22-October 6
I will lead a two week sketching and calligraphy course in Italy this Fall.

Click here to download the registration form.‎

Madeline Island School of Arts

May 19-23, 2014
I will teach a week-long workshop:

Mixed Media | The Journal Is The Destination: A Personal Approach To Calligraphy

International Calligraphy Conference 2014: "Legacies"

I will be teaching two classes at the conference.

July 19-26
Dallas, Texas