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Fundamentals of Broad-Edge Calligraphy
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  Roman Holiday: A Beginner's Guide to Classical Roman Capitals
  Contemporary Illuminated Letters
  Write Now! Improvisations in Calligraphy and Handwriting
  Doodle Art: A Small Course in Lettering Miracles
  Many Faces of Italic
  The Joy of CalligrapThehy
  Write of Passage: Developing your Own Script
  Drawn & Painted Lettering
Experimental: Art & Soul All Levels
  Vision Quest
  The Way of the Mandala
Visual Journaling & Sketching All Levels
  Journal is the Destination
  A Book of Ours: Journal of Discovery
  Journal of the Spirit
  Illuminated Art Journal
  Sketching Wherever You are
  Ghost Ranch Sketchbook: A Visual Journey
  Drawing Life (based on "the Natural Way to Draw)
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Michigan Private Retreat
Ghost Ranch
June 20-26,
"Sketching Ghost Ranch"
(Literally Letters program)
Midwest Calligraphy Retreat
Sponsored by Minnesota’s Colleagues of Calligraphy
Carleton College in Northfield, MN August 11-14
IMAGINE THIS: four full days away from your daily routine, time to practice and experiment with calligraphy, a single air-conditioned room to ensure comfortable sleep at night, guidance by a master teacher in finding your personal artistic style, and enjoying it all with friends who share your love of calligraphy. You can make it a reality by joining fellow artists at The Midwest Calligraphy Retreat in August 2011.
THE MIDWEST CALLIGRAPHY RETREAT was conceived with the intention of bringing a time-extended, focused workshop to the Midwest area of the US. The small size of the retreat
Washington Calligraphers Guild October 9,10,11,12
Vancouver, BC,
May 19th & 20th 2012
La Romita School of Art
Umbria, Italy, July 2012 (tentative)